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Probably have no right to be asking for favors since I'm never around here anyways, but gotta throw this shit out there anyways:

Billboard Battle of the Bands: Northeast. Please vote for Gentlemen Hall and spread this around on tumblr, twitter, wherever.
A good friend of mine, [ profile] totegay, works with them, knows them, I've talked to them a few times, harassed them on twitter, lost many games of words with friends to them and they're solid dudes who love making music and deserve your help.

Robots and Racecars needs backers willing to help them fund their next album. They've kinda stalled out at $787 and could use more. There are incentives for pledging money, and if the project doesn't get fully funded, you don't spend any money. Your pledge only goes through if they make the required amount of money.
These boys are also very deserving of any and all help you're willing to give. If you can't give money, you can help by tweeting/tumblring the link. If you need to know why I love this band so much